Store is an online shopping club, a one stop destination for the latest designer ethnic products, including a wide range of designer catalog suits, sarees, tunics, lehengas, and much more. With its values and practices rooted in the quality-traditional craftsmanship, Thane Mumbai focuses on delivering a unique combination of market-leading Indian wear with unmatched price.

Managed by a team of fashion designers, management graduates, and supply chain experts, Thane , Mumbai is capable and committed to offer stunning designs to the shoppers. The TRENDZZY COLLECTION store team—led by Trendzzy, leverage the industry know-how and work experience to identify the best and the latest in fashion that would enhance the shoppers’ personality.

TRENDZZY COLLECTION Store.. A Fashion Enabler!

“Being a group of avid shoppers ourselves, the Thane, Mumbai team is determined to deliver quality products at the right price, hassle-free. I left an accomplished job at a global fashion house with a resolve to plug the inaptness and shortcomings in Indian fashion wear market and developed Thane Mumbai as an efficient fashion enabler.” — Trendzzy, Lead Design Manager, Thane Mumbai

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